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Quick Points: Earn Membership Rewards points with Amex Offers

American Express cardholder can save hundreds of dollars each year on everyday purchases through Amex offers. It’s a coupon but easier — signing up for deals is as simple as tapping “Add to card.”

Most Amex Offers give cardholders a cash back discount after spending a certain amount, but sometimes you may be targeted to earn thousands of points based on spending. With high value of Member reward pointsThese promotions can be more lucrative than getting a statement credit back to your account.

Let’s discuss how to find and sign up for these offers and explain some of them further Valuable stuff we’ve seen in recent months.

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Earn thousands of points with Amex Offers

Amex offers are targeted and always changing, and you’ll typically see up to 100 active promotions on your card at any one time. Just because you add an offer to your card doesn’t mean you’re obligated to spend that amount. Therefore, I will often add any offer that seems appealing to me, even if I don’t buy from that vendor.

For example, here are some deals we’ve seen before on Amex cards: You can earn an additional five Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent (in addition to the regular earning rate for American Express’s you) at Skims or Sephora. If you want to book a cruise, Cunard Line offers similar Membership rewards for every dollar spent, up to 50,000 points.

If jewelry is more your style, Gorjana offers an additional 2,500 Membership Rewards for every $125 spent; Each cardholder can earn this amount up to two times.

Finally, if you have American Express Platinum® Cardyou can get an impressive 10 Membership Rewards points per dollar spent at (up to 4,000 bonus points) to celebrate the card’s 40th birthday,

So a $400 wine purchase would yield 4,000 bonus points. From TPG value Membership bonus points at 2 cents each, these 4,000 bonus points are worth $80. This is a great profit on a $400 purchase you may have been planning on making.

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Depending on the seller, don’t forget to double your chances of earning points with online shopping portal to get more bonus points and airline miles when making purchases.

Enjoy cashback with Amex offers

Some Amex Offers offer cash back instead of Membership Rewards points, so you can choose which rewards you want to earn. Current cashback offers include:

  • Hilton: Spend $180 or more and get $40 back.
  • Delta: Spend $180 or more with Amex Travel and get $40 back. (You must book through Amex Travel to get this deal, where prices may be higher than booking directly with the airline, which you should also research.)
  • JetBlue: Spend $200 or more and get $50 back.
  • Hertz: Spend $150 or more and get $40 back.

Again, if you’re still planning on spending this money with these travel providers, this is an easy way to save real money on your spending.

Note: Some offers are targeted; Offer may expire.

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Bottom line

Most credit card issuers have versions of these merchant incentives, including Chasing incentives And Citi Merchant Offers. However, promotions are rarely as lucrative as those offered by Amex Offers.

While it’s unlikely you’ll use every Amex Deal, these promotions are a great way to save money and earn easy points if you plan to make that purchase anyway.

Check your Amex offers often, as some of the best promotions offer thousands of points to spend.

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