Studio Ghibli’s new film has been revealed

At a recent event for The boy and the heronGoro Miyazaki, executive producer, provided details about the upcoming Studio Ghibli film. In his presentation, Miyazaki explained: “I’m creating a panorama box with various scenes from previous works and scenes that don’t exist, but it would be boring if all I did was past works, so I asked him to make one for the next one. movie. I told him to do the next one and that’s what I’m doing now.” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The director added, “I was looking forward to a classic adventure film, but I didn’t think they would get it right.” This comment caused a lot of controversy in the fan community.

The event also introduced a “composition” section consisting of 206 drawings from the production process of The boy and the heron. These layouts serve as blueprints for the animation, highlighting the richness of hand-drawn expressions with paper and pencil.

The boy and the heron is an Oscar-winning film from Studio Ghibli. The film is available for pre-order in UHD for $19.99 with a pre-order price guarantee on Prime Video. The official release date is June 24, 2024, at 9pm PDT.

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