Shyne criticizes Diddy amid his abuse of Cassie

shy making it clear that he is choosing sides when it comes to Diddy and all of his alleged “victims” included Cassie. On Sunday (May 19), the former Bad Boy Records rapper criticized Sean Combs’ “disgusting behavior” in a 2016 video of him assaulting Cassie.

EQUAL previous report, CNN exclusively reported surveillance video of Combs kicking, pulling and throwing things at the ‘Me & U’ singer. The incident occurred in March 2016 in the lobby of a now-closed Los Angeles hotel.

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The footage corroborates at least one incident of abuse that Ventura-Fine shared in her life. The lawsuit has now been resolved against her ex-boyfriend.

What did Shyne say about his old boss?

On InstagramShyne stated that he “wants nothing to do” with people who commit acts of domestic violence.

He is currently a politician in Belize. He was deported there after serving 10 years in prison for a 1999 nightclub shooting involving Diddy. Shyne has previously said that he believes he was the “fall guy” in that incident, each complex.

“I strongly denounce the disgusting behavior of Sean Diddy Combs captured on video in which he assaulted Ms. Cassie Ventura-Fine. There is no place for Violence against Women anywhere on this planet. As the father of a precious daughter, a global citizen, and the next Prime Minister of Belize, I want absolutely nothing to do with people who engage in this type of diabolical behavior.”

Additionally, Shyne shared that he is praying for Ventura-Fine and “all the other victims have come forward with horrific allegations against Mr. Combs.”

Diddy recently apologized for the abuse that surfaced

After dealing with Cassie, Diddy’s lawyer adamant that it is not an admission of guilt. Since then, Combs has continued to vigorously deny allegations of abuse, assault and human trafficking – not only from Cassie but also many other defendants in pending civil lawsuits.

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However, two days after CNN exposed Cassie’s abuse, Sean Combs changed his tone. In one video, he repeatedly apologized for his behavior – although he never named the victim, Cassie.

“My behavior on that video was inexcusable. I take full responsibility for my actions in that video. I’m disgusted. I felt disgusted doing it then, I feel disgusted now.”

Diddy also claimed that he sought professional help, including therapy and rehabilitation, following the incident in March 2016. However, The Shade Room does not make those independent claims. He ended his first statement since the video resurfaced by saying he was not asking for forgiveness but that he was “so sorry” and “committed to becoming a better man ”.

Meanwhile, Cassie’s lawyer — like many on social media — let him know he can keep his apology intact.

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