Star Rail US currency price display changes

HoYoVerse announced on both Genshin Impact And Honkai: Star Railway Social media accounts say the US version of the game will feature updated price notifications for the Primogem and Stellar Jade currencies. It noted that the move is designed to comply with tax collection regulations and will take effect from June 3, 2024.

The message about the change is largely the same in both announcements. In each case, HoYoVerse took note Genshin Impact And Honkai: Star Railway The deposit center and PC website will have updated currency prices for Primogems and Stellar Jades. In each case, it will show the base price including taxes and fees. Currently, only the base price is shown for items. So if someone buys 1,980 Genesis Crystals to give to Primogems Genshin Impact right now, the price will be $29.99. (Honkai: Star Railway will likewise give someone 1,980 Oneiric Fragments in exchange for Stellar Jades for $29.99.) Once this change is made, the price displayed will be higher due to the inclusion of taxes and related fees.

People have been paying these taxes and fees for this currency in games like Genshin Impact And Honkai: Star Railway. It’s just that the pages to buy them currently don’t show the final price along with the additional costs associated with the package.

Here’s one of the full announcements to help provide an official explanation for the changes:

There are currently no such announcements above Themis’s tears or Third Honkai Impact social media accounts. However, it’s possible that this change could also apply to both of those HoYoVerse games.

Genshin Impact available for PS4PS5, PC and mobile. Honkai: Star Railway available for PS5, PC and mobile.

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