Social media reacts to postpartum bodies (SEE)

Draya Michele returned to training for health and fitness after giving birth and by Jalen Green Girls. As The Shade Room previously reported, the reality TV star and Houston Rockets player welcomed their move first child together earlier this month.

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Draya shows off her postpartum body

On Wednesday, Michele uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram Story, showing off her first workout in 10 days. In the short clip, former ‘Basketball Wives’ star Walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Another video then shows Draya returning to the gym to get her jacket.

“If you’re wondering where my baby’s weight went… you know where it went,” she captioned the video.

Social media reacts to Draya

Draya’s video caused social media users to debate Shade Room comments section. Some Roomies agree that she can move again, while others think she should rest after giving birth.

Instagram user @missfitmalveaux wrote, “You can let your body rest and recover after giving birth, girls.”

Instagram user @iamjaevee wrote, “Girl, at least wait until you stop bleeding! Go enjoy your new baby.”

Instagram user @short_n_stacked wrote, “Listen, my boys are 19 and I’m still trying to lose weight, lol.”

While Instagram user @perfectflawed0902 wrote: “My grandmother told me to sit still and heal for six weeks.”

Instagram user @ericakimberly_ then wrote: “No, women have the right to exercise WHATEVER they want after giving birth. Please respect her.”

Instagram user @kyliadaniels then wrote: “This SnapBack so quickly after giving birth is tiring and unrealistic, just rest and enjoy being a new mom.”

Finally, Instagram user @majesty.ceo wrote: “She was just walking on the treadmill. Can’t she walk 10 days PP?

Draya & Jalen just welcomed their daughter

Per The Shade Room, Draya revealed that she and Jalen welcomed their daughter on May 17. Draya announced the news on Instagram with a series of photos. The star said on Mother’s Day 2021, her father passed away. Since then, it’s been hard for her to celebrate the holidays without remembering the earth-shattering phone call I received that morning.

Michele further explained that this year, she felt happy when her daughter was born safely.

“Oh, Mother’s Day is different this year. My daughter was brought safely into this world and I am forever grateful for the new memories we all experience in the future. Love + Light everyone,” Draya wrote.

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