Yoasobi will write and sing the theme song of NHK Sports 2024

Yoasobi will be in charge writing and performing theme song of NHK Sports 2024. The duo will collaborate with three mangakas on the series in Shonen Jump+ and a novelist to create an original song.

The song, according to NHK, will be played in various sports this year, as well as in Paris Olympics and the Paralympics. For this project, Shueisha requested three sports manga from three Jump+ comic book artist. After they finished the manga, writer Jun Esaka, who had written many works Naruto novels, will write a novel based on them. Yoasobi will then create an original song based on it.

Taizan 5, who worked on Takopi’s original sinwrote a story called Hanareta Futari. It seems like this is a story about a soccer team. Yuki Kirishima, who has done one-shots like metabolitesWritten Parallel lanes. It seems to focus on a boy and a girl, although it’s unclear what sports they play. Finally, Hirusagari Haruno wrote Owaranai DeuceIt looks like there are two girls playing tennis.

Yoasobi is a very popular Japanese music duo consisting of Vocaloid producer Ayase and singer-songwriter Lilas Ikuta. Yoasobi has released many important songs for the anime, including “Idol” because Oshi no KoKaibutsu” because BeastAnd “Shukufuku” because Mobile SuitGundam: Witch from Mercury. It has also released songs based on stories, such as “Gunjou” because Green period And “seventeen” because Iro Chiagi no Trump.

The Yoasobi NHK sports theme song will be played during major sporting events such as the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

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