Sony apologizes and removes Neil Druckmann’s interview

Sony does REMOVE Interview with Neil Druckmann (creator The last of us; executive producer for Undiscovered) due to inaccuracies in the final edit. It apologized to Druckmann for “misrepresenting his words” as well as any negative attention he may have received as a result.

The interview in question talks about animation, writing, technology, AI, and his future projects. However, Druckmann had already started Twitter (X) to point out that Sony’s interview left out a lot of the nuance in his answer, as well misrepresent your views. He also includes his complete answer to the question.

The issue stemmed from Sony asking Druckmann about his personal vision or dream project that he hoped to see in the future of entertainment. He replied that he was lucky to have done so many dream projects in the past. He also talked about how gaming has become something that all ages can enjoy. Druckmann mentioned that The last of us Shows has brought more visibility to games and the rich experiences they can deliver. Finally, he said that the popularity and success of The last of us (the show) could “redefine the popular perception of gaming.”

However, he later took to Twitter (X) to show off his actual “rambling” answer to the question. In his full answer he talks about how The last of us (the show) can make non-gamers realize the depth of storytelling and the richness of stories in video games. Because of the show’s success, even non-gamers are focusing on Naughty Dog to see what they’ll launch next. Finally, he returned to the original question and said that he has been very lucky to work with his favorite gamers with “incredible collaborators.” Sony’s edits retain the spirit of Druckmann’s answer. But it doesn’t note that an editor paraphrased his answer.

Druckmann was not available for comment or correction refers to AI in the interview.

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