Tory ads warn voters of Labor landslide as election bid falters

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The Conservative Party has begun warning voters online that the Labor Party could win a landslide victory in the UK’s July 4 general election, sparking accusations that the ruling party is in fact being admit failure.

Tory social media ads published since Friday have urged people not to vote for the Liberal Democrats and Reform UK, warning that supporting those smaller parties could return benefits. Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer is a “vast majority”.

Another Conservative Party ad said voting for the Liberal Democrats or Reform would “give Keir Starmer a blank check” and leave “no one holding [sic] to explain on your behalf.”

According to the report, the recent shift in the Conservative Party’s online messaging, when Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s re-election bid failed, has also been reflected in the party’s on-the-ground campaign. Careful data.

“There’s definitely been a change on the doorstep, so our candidates are telling people we can’t give Starmer a blank check. That we need to have a strong opposition,” said a former Conservative cabinet minister.

Another Conservative candidate added: “My view is that we are fighting to win, but even if we aren’t, we need an effective opposition so we need to retain our chair like mine. When people realize that Starmer could have an unacceptable majority, they will be quite worried.”

The Conservative Party has launched around 40 new ads on Facebook and Instagram focusing on the Labor landslide since last Friday, when Sunak apologized for the leaving the D-Day commemorations in Francea move that sparked a backlash from Conservative candidates.

These contrast with previous Conservative Party ads that featured warnings such as “Voting reform, featuring Keir Starmer” but did not imply that a vote for Nigel Farage’s party would boost a majority Hypothetical Labor Party.

Labor leads the Conservative Party by about 20 points in opinion pollsThe gap shows little sign of narrowing ahead of the election.

According to Financial Times analysis of Meta ad library data, the Tories have spent more than £12,000 on new ads since last Friday. They received a total of more than 2.2 million impressions as of 6 p.m. Monday.

A series of ads warn voters that if they support Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Reforms, they will “give Keir Starmer a majority and pay the price”.

Images in the ad claim Starmer “needs your pension” or refer to “£2,094”, a controversial Tory charge about average household tax increases under a Labor government that the opposition party refuse.

Another ad, which the party spent only a small fortune on, said: “With the Liberal Democrats on board with everything Keir Starmer wants to do, a vote for the Reform Party or the Democrats Freedom means you won’t be held by anyone.” [sic] to explain on your behalf.”

“You’re reading too much into it,” said one Conservative Party official. That’s what we always say about the Reform vote.”

But Helen Morgan, the Lib Dem local government spokeswoman, was scornful of the “weak-looking ads”. She said: “This is the desperation of the Conservatives, who look like they have completely given up and admitted defeat.”

Ben Habib, co-deputy leader of the Reform party, also criticized the ads, saying they showed “the Conservatives realize they lost the election and for them it is now a matter of limiting the damage ”.

Another former Conservative minister running for re-election also expressed disappointment. “You can’t fight an election to get a good second place, you have to fight an election to get a good first place. Really annoying. It feels like the party is about to throw away the seats,” they said.

A Conservative representative said: “The only thing we admit is that a vote for any other party is a vote for Keir Starmer.”

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