Travis Kelce’s first time playing POTUS? Practice trip!

The first thing you need to know is that, according to the constitution, Travis Kelce allowed to become president of the United States. As a natural-born citizen who has lived in the US for at least the past 14 years and will turn 35 years old on January 20, 2025, the next inauguration day, Big Yeti meets the requirements three specific requirements enshrined in the United States Constitution for future presidents.

The next thing you need to know is Taylor Swiftboyfriend of has a proven track record to reinforce his commitment to his platform. Namely, fighting for his right to party—and yours. He stated this many times on national television, then followed through on campaign promises, often with Lively lip-syncing.

Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates got a taste of life in the Oval Office on May 31 when they visited the White House and met with leaders. President Joe Bidena benefit of winning Second consecutive Super Bowl title. Despite later saying that he “felt all the Taser guns aimed at me when I step up there,” Kelce took the opportunity to stand behind Biden’s special podium when invited. And now that he’s had a momentary taste of presidential greatness, the finale has some more ideas.

The Chiefs’ official TikTok account shared a video Monday asked some of the costumed players what they would do if they were president for a day. While some of their answers had to do with food (the burgers didn’t seem big enough), Kelce knew what he was going to do during his time in the White House: Namely, get out of the White House.

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“I’m taking Air Force One to Hawaii,” Kelce said. And who else was on that plane? “Squad. Hopefully we can all fit in. I think we can all fit in there.

Aside from the flight time (there are better places to depart from than DC, and nearly 12 hours of travel would eat into Kelce’s day), Swifties have a slightly broader definition of “team.” Travis, did you include Swift’s friends in the seats? Maybe Lana Del Rey arrive?

Let us be the first to suggest Kelce/Kelce tickets to you/her/A new level co-host Jason Kelce serves as veep. Travis does International diplomacy shakes hands down (thanks, Eras Tour), while Jason can liven up the party with some topless politics. his antics during the Chiefs/Bills game in January. If that was an example of the “best behavior” he was required to have when meeting Swift for the first time, we’d love to see what happens with other world leaders. (Yes, we count Swift as one of them. Obviously.)

There’s even a place for Intern Brandon belong to A new level Big Yeti White House fame: Every administration needs a designated survivor.

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