Video: Can we find eShop gems by playing random games? Alex investigates

The Switch eShop can be a dark and gloomy place. The storefront is home to some absolute gems, but there are countless rushes, scams, and scam game can transform these beauties from shining beacons into needles in the haystack.

Here to prove that still some good games, our video producer Alex set out to find something special. To do so, he bought five random eShop games (games we hadn’t reviewed on the site) and tried them out in hopes of finding a good one. Can he manage it? Well, just watch the video above to find out.

It wouldn’t be surprising to say that Alex fully experienced the eShop quality on offer this time around, and he was also available to give suggestions or pass votes at the end of each test drive. So give it a watch (or check out the original longer stream) and see if you can still come across an eShop gem.

If you’ve found a hobby on the eShop that we at Nintendo Life haven’t tried yet, perhaps it could be a good recommendation for us. The Game Series We Missed. You can find the latest wave of readers’ picks below.

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