Trina McGee addresses “negativity” since her pregnancy reveal

Actors of ‘Boy Meets World’ Trina McGee is addressing the “negativity” she has received since announcing her pregnancy.

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Trina McGee addresses recent “negativity.”

On Tuesday, June 4, Tonight’s reception published an exclusive interview with McGee. During the conversation, the actor revealed that she saw some disparaging comments online after announcing the news.

“I saw some comments about, um, ‘She’s too old’… and I think I read about three comments about that and I was like, ‘Don’t read that,’” she explained.

However, McGee explained that she is enjoying the “absolute joy” of the big change in her life more than the “negativity.”

“Just absolute joy, absolute joy and I don’t participate in any of the negativity that anyone says about it,” she said. “I’m so happy. I’ve been blessed, and that’s it.”

Ultimately, McGee explains that “all” she cares about is having children.

“And all I care about — I only have one job now — is having this baby, and that’s what I care about.”

The actor shares about his journey of pregnancy and reversing menopause

EQUAL Shade room Previously reported, McGee has been married to her husband, Marcello Thedford, for sixteen years. Her current pregnancy will be their first child. However, she has three adult children from two previous relationships while Thedford has a son.

While talking to Tonight’s receptionMcGee explained that she had wanted to have children with her husband for many years. Additionally, McGee admitted that she even went through “a year of menopause” before seemingly reversing the process and conceiving.

“So what I did was I went down to Belize… and in that culture, they studied medicine [and] medicinal herbs for centuries… I was actually able to come up with an elixir of life… and then I found out that I was happily pregnant and I really couldn’t believe it. But yes, it worked and it worked for many women,” she explains.

Additionally, McGee explains that she was able to reverse menopause and conceive by living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how Trina McGee revealed her pregnancy

EQUAL Shade room previously reported, McGee revealed her pregnancy earlier on Monday via a coil posted on Instagram. At the time, the actor asked for prayers for a safe birth and explained that she would be leaving social media.

“The most important thing for me is to not engage in any stress and stay away from negativity as much as possible,” she said. Tonight’s reception.

Before ending her conversation with the reporter, the mother shared advice from her colleagues for those considering pregnancy at an older age.

“It’s a personal decision, but be realistic about it,” she explains. “Be realistic about your life expectancy [and] Make regulations. And understand that when you have children at this age, what you should give them is a lot of wisdom…”

McGee explained that she was not opposed to trying to have another child with her husband after giving birth.

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