Trump adviser Stephen Bannon has until July 1 to surrender his four-month prison sentence

Next month, the judge will decide whether to convict or not Donald Trump should receive prison time after suffering guilty of the 34 Class E felonies stemming from hush money payments to Daniels storms just before the 2016 election. And if the former president does indeed get time behind bars, there’s at least one person he can turn to for advice on how to survive on the inside: his longtime adviser Stephen Bannon, who has about three weeks left his prison sentence begins.

On Thursday, a federal judge command Bannon must surrender to authorities by July 1 to begin his four-month prison sentence for defying a subpoena from Congress to testify around January 6. Bannon was actually sentenced back in October 2022 but granted a stay without charge pending appeal; Last month, a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court upheld his guilty verdict. After that ruling, Judge Carl Nichols said the former president’s counsel could no longer delay his sentence. If the full appeals court rules in Bannon’s favor before July, Bannon could avoid time — but other than that, there are no dice.

Speaking to reporters after receiving the news, Bannon said he would take his case to the Supreme Court if necessary, asserting that his prison sentence was about Trump. “This is about shutting down the MAGA movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down President Trump,” he said, later adding: “Nothing will silence me.”

Meanwhile, as time note, this isn’t the only legal issue on Bannon’s plate:

Months after he was found guilty of contempt of Congress in Washington, Manhattan state prosecutors accused him of misusing money he helped raise for a group supporting Mr. Trump’s border wall. In his final hours in office in 2021, Mr. Trump pardoned Mr. Bannon in a separate federal case focused on similar allegations.

Mr. Bannon’s fraud trial is expected to take place later this year in the same Manhattan courthouse where Mr. Trump was recently convicted of falsifying business records to cover up the scandal sex threatened his 2016 presidential run.

Incidentally, Bannon is not the only Trump ally sentenced to prison for defying a congressional subpoena—the former trade adviser Peter Navarro To be currently doing four months in prison for the same crime. And if you’re wondering how many members of Team Trump have received prison sentences in total, the answer is eight. Which counts as a lot!

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