Xbox Console exclusive ‘Echo Generation’ launches this month

Generation 1 echo
Image: Cucumber

As part of this year’s Guerrilla Collective showcase, it was confirmed that the previously Xbox console exclusive Create buzz is heading to Nintendo Switch later this month June 19, 2024.

Dubbed Echo Generation: Midnight Edition, the game features the same stunning visuals and turn-based battles as the original but enhances the experience with fast travel, quest log, new camera controls, Supports multiple languages ​​and more.

Taking place in a charming suburban neighborhood, you play as Dylan and his group of friends who must investigate a series of bizarre incidents following a mysterious accident. You’ll come face to face with zombie werewolves, fire-breathing animatronics and more on your journey through a voxel art scene, with the game aiming to recreate the aesthetics of the upcoming 80s and 90s. coming of age stories.

Let’s check out the main features:

– Supernatural adventure – Delve into a supernatural tale of small-town mysteries, seen through the eyes of a group of charming children
– Choose your hero – Choose (and name!) your character from a diverse selection of heroes
– Your pet’s companion – Recruit adorable pet friends with unique skill sets to customize your builds
– Active turn-based combat – Level up your party by fighting monsters and bosses by playing over 30 unique mini-games
– Secrets and missions – Complete quests for residents of Maple Town to solve mysteries and uncover secrets
– Voxel art style – Immerse yourself in a beautiful 3D pixel interface filled with classic nostalgic charm
– Original soundtrack – Listen to the atmospheric mix of electronic music and synthwave

What do you do with this? Will you pick it up on Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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